Your Turn: Why Do You Wear a Headscarf?

Many Muslim women and girls wear a headscarf, call a “hijab.” “Hijab” is an Arabic word that means “cover.” IndyKids asked these girls in the Bronx, New York City, why they wear a hijab and what it is like to wear one.


I wear it because it is part of my religion. Women have to cover up for modesty. All the women in my family wear it—it’s also part of our culture and religion. I fought a lot for my hijab, at this school I’ve fought for my hijab, [but on the bus] I don’t listen, I just turn up my iPod.
Siham Hussin, 14


When I walk in the street, people like to stare. But it’s okay, as long as they’re not rude. Sometimes it’s hard to have to deal with people when they have an attitude. But I get over it. Sometimes I feel like I don’t want to wear a hijab. But later on I get over it. I hope more people can become Muslim. But if they don’t, it’s okay. I become friends with anyone.
Suhaylah Le’Cruise, 11


I started wearing it at the age of nine years old. It wasn’t easy at first, but I got used to it while I got older. Sometimes [people] say, ‘Why do you wear that ugly rag?’ It makes me feel mad and sad because I never make fun of anyone else’s religion; I respect it, and I respect my religion. I love wearing the hijab and hope people will follow along.
Hinda Hussin, 12

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3 thoughts on “Your Turn: Why Do You Wear a Headscarf?”

  1. People should be able to wear whatever they want. It’s their choice. Nobody should judge them for how they choose to dress.

  2. Cop out. I’m sorry, I’m not judging these women in pauictrlar, but I believe you should feel strong and proud of your beliefs, and that should be a reason why you wear the hijaab. You dont wear it for others, you wear it for yourself. Assimilating and conforming to societal standards should not be your goal. They should go back and remember why they chose to wear it, not why they decided to remove it.

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