Most of the flowers sold on Valentine’s Day come from countries in Latin America where workers aren’t paid well and are exposed to harmful chemicals. If people know this, do you think they should still buy cut flowers for the people they love?

Tianna Rodrigues 9 years old Honolulu HI Final

No, because it is not fair that the workers don’t get paid much even if we pay a lot for the flowers, and if
there are chemicals they can get sick.
Tianna Rodrigues, 9, Honolulu, Hawaii

Bailey Alabanza 10 years old Kailua HI Final

No, there are other things you can do for the people you love.
Bailey Alabanza, 10, Kailua, Hawaii

Jasmin Ponio 12 years old Forest Hills NY Final

I think people should still buy flowers. It’s the workers’ choice to work a job where they are exposed to harmful chemicals.
Jasmin Ponio, 12, Forest Hills, New York


I think so because it’s important to let them know that you care about them.
Sydney White, 13, Fork, Utah


No, there are other things that you can get for your loved ones—like a card, a teddy bear, or even fake flowers.
Jared Henry, 10, Ocoee, Floridaz