Your Turn: What do you think about the lunch at your school?

IndyKids reporter, PEDRO LAHOZ WOLFE, age 9, talked to these kids in Manhattan, New York City.


I think they are disgusting and unhealthy, and the mayor says they are a “great, nutritious way to start the school day,” which stretches the truth. I would like them better if they gave you bigger portions, made them fresh and made them warm and taste good. -Nadya Ali, 10, P.S. 165



I go to a private school and they serve only vegetarian lunches. I am not the biggest fan of veggies and we eat so many vegetables at school every day. Sometimes I do not like them, but I realize that they are good for me. -Che Maria Baez, 12, East Harlem School



I don’t like the options they give us. I don’t like how the lunch aides treat us. They never give us dessert. I would like it better if they put out a table of different dishes we could pick from. -Issano Rogers, 9, P.S. 163



I like certain foods from school lunches. I like the fruit and the main foods, such as chicken tenders, tacos and chips with dip. -Sheila Warrik, 9, P.S. 163



They do not taste good. I think it is greasy and has been sitting around for a while. They should consider how people who eat school lunches react to them. -Gregory Ginsburg, 9, P.S. 163

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