Your Turn: What do you like about playing sports?

IndyKids asked these girls what sports they play and what they like about playing sports.
-Compiled by Judi Cheng, Ivanna Coello and Mariah Carroll

“I play basketball. I like to shoot the ball.”
Yahaira Astudillo, 9, Corona, NY

“I like to play volleyball. It’s competitive and keeps me in shape.”
Kelly Recalde, 14, Queens, NY

I like to play sports because I like to exercise and it’s fun.  I also like gymnastics because I like to flip around and I love to compete in competitions.”
Davia D., 9, Hopewell Junction, NY

“I like swimming. It builds your strength and keeps you active.”
Jane Min, 13, Queens, NY

“I swim and play football. It’s really fun. There’s teamwork, we hang out, and make new friends.”
Othilla Wlodarczyk, 13, Woodside, NY

“I play basketball. We learn the fundamentals of how to play. It’s about sportsmanship. It’s a good way to keep kids off the streets.”
Keyah Daily, 13, Harlem, NY

“I am a basketball player. It makes me feel happy and excited. I get to see what skills I need to improve on. I play and learn.”
Raihanata Barry, 12, Harlem, NY

“I love playing baseball because it is fun and a good way to meet new people.”
Annie Schwenk, 12, Gurnee, IL

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