Your Turn: The War in Afghanistan


October 2010 marked the 9th anniversary of the U.S. invasion and occupation of Afghanistan that continues today. We asked kids in Brooklyn, N.Y. for their thoughts.


“It’s not right. I’m a Muslim. They don’t interpret the Islamic religion in the right way. People judge us. They think we are terrorists. They should not take anger out on innocent people.”

Mohammed Hossein, 12


“War is not a good thing. People should share and be together, not kill.”

Yujin Ko, 8


“The U.S. felt it was necessary to send troops. They took innocent lives. We put a lot of money into this war. We should pull the troops out now. We should give the people there a chance to handle things themselves.”

Mohammed Beydoun, 12


“I think that we should honor the people whose lives were lost. I don’t think war is worth it. We should stop this war right now. It means more lives and more dead.”

Justin Lin, 12


“I think the war was tragic. I wish it had never happened. I don’t believe in war. I think the money could have been used for education, jobs, the economy. It was a big waste of money.”

Eslam Al-Nagar, 12


“War is bad for the environment. We should not be fighting. It’s very sad that innocent people and soldiers die.”

Chelsea Saquicili, 11

2 thoughts on “Your Turn: The War in Afghanistan”

  1. ” War is not the meaning of things i think they should stop it because the terrorist will soon strike back.”

  2. i love looking at the and i love yu jin ko i go to school with her she is in a gifted program and she is amazing

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