Your Turn: Should Women Be Allowed To Play Major League Sports?

In 1972, the U.S. government passed a law called Title IX to allow girls to have the same opportunities as boys to play sports in school. But major league sports is a different story.

Kid Reporter Simone Rubin, age 10, interviewed three girls at her school, the Brooklyn New School. Kid Reporter Georgia Reed-Stamm, age 9, interviewed three boys at her school, P.S. 8 in Brooklyn, New York.


“Yes, because women should play in the Super Bowl.”
Alexa Carroll, 10


“Yes, because I feel like women are the same as boys.”
Ella Pearcy, 9


“Yes, I believe women should be able to play sports like the Super Bowl, women are just as strong as men and more flexible.”
Lissa Sangree, 12


“If women have a passion for sports they should be allowed to play and do what they love. Either women should be allowed to play or have their own league. I think they should have their own league.”
Efrem Sidi-Shire, 8

Charlie Morris

“I think that maybe they could start their own league, sure.”
Charlie Morris, 9

Harry Saunders

“I think they should be allowed to play in major league sports, certainly. Because women and men are both humans and they both have rights—or at least they should have.”
Harry Saunders, 10

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