Your Turn: Should police be arresting kids in school?

In the January 2010 issue, IndyKids printed an article about police arresting kids in school for behavior that would normally have meant a trip to the principal’s office. IndyKids asked these students from Live Oak School in San Francisco, CA, what they think.


I think that it makes no sense for police officers to arrest kids when they committed behaviors that would have usually landed them in the headmaster’s office. I’m thinking that having too many police officers in schools is causing people to think that any situation is bigger than it really is.
Evan Wilmouth, 11


Just because a six-year-old gets upset (however upset that may be), doesn’t mean that he or she should get charged with a felony. Frankly, I think that is outrageous!
Dylan Simon, 11


I have been brought up to know that the police are here to protect us and are nice people. However, I’ve been thinking more about that now. The police have learned to be suspicious of everyone.
Sarah Weihl, 11


Now because the problems in schools keep getting worse, there are police on campus to do what the principal used to do. School districts should have enough money to hire better teachers and counselors to help the kids in trouble and prevent future problems.
Mason Albrecht, 11


It’s bad enough kids get arrested for crimes outside of school, but now in school? What type of behavior is “O.K.” at schools that have police?
Hazel Olson-Dorf, 11

Photos courtesy Naomi Hamburger

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