By IK Kid Reporter ESTRELLA BARRIGA, age 13

IndyKids asked these kids in Queens, New York, how they feel about the United States government’s decision to go to war in Afghanistan and Iraq after the September 11, 2001 attacks.

I feel very bad for our country; it is getting messed up. War is a bad thing. People die who don’t deserve to die.
Christian Nembhard, 8


I feel bad about what happened, but I feel better about how they’re rebuilding [Afghanistan and Iraq].
Patricia Tam, 10

I think a lot of people die [in the wars] but I am happy because people do it for the U.S.A.
Genevieve Goldstein, 9


It was a bad idea for planes to crash into buildings. I think it’s bad because people die.
Francesca Cardenas, 11


What I think of the 9/11 tragedy is that it was a very depressing moment because hundreds of people died. I think it is sad how such beautiful buildings were knocked down. It is horrible how people are now experiencing consequences of the terrible 9/11.
Gabriel Ortega, 9