Your Turn: Queens Kids Talk About Climate Change

During two weeks in November 2013, people from all over the world met for the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Warsaw, Poland. At the same time, some countries, like the Philippines, are already experiencing the devastating effects of climate change. IndyKids asked kids in Queens, “If you were president, what would you do to decrease pollution and stop climate change?”

Evileni Marte

Evileni Marte, age 11 – “If I was the president, I would tell people to use their cars less and use bicycles. I also would tell people to be careful where they throw their garbage”

MilesVenderWilson_Amanda Vender

Miles Vender-Wilson, age 6 – ”I would say “no more cars” because [they] can pollute with gas coming out. [I would allow] only pedaling cars.”

Adriana Maria Gugliucciello

Adriana Maria Gugliucciello, age 10 – “If I were president I would decrease pollution by creating eco-friendly things, like eco-friendly cars, buses, trains etc. I would also convince people to ride bikes and walk. Also I would tell people to use resources wisely so everyone can make the world a better place!”

Kevin Naula

Kevin Naula, age 11 – “I would make people stop throwing trash in the water.”

Adrian Llerena_Amanda Vender

Adrian Llerena, age 6 – “I would use solar paneled cars that drive in any type of weather and they only go up to 65 miles per hour, which is the speed limit.”

Bright Ayisi

Bright Ayisi, age 12 – “I would stop people from smoking because that’s what gives other people cancer and other sicknesses. I would tell other people when they smoke to be careful where they put their garbage. We should work together to clean the environment.”

Ramon Gomez

Ramon Gomez, age 12 – “If I was the president I would make sure that the streets are cleaned well. I also would ask people to use their cars less.”

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