Your Turn: "If I Were President"


With the upcoming presidential election, each candidate is talking about what they would do if elected president. IndyKids kid reporter Kylie Freyman went out and asked kids “What would you do if you were president?”


“I would show good leadership and never break my promises.”
Shannon, age 9


“I would try to end war. I would go to the UN, to talk to the world leaders and do my best to convince them that we are not very different, in an effort to end war.”
Sebastian, age 11


“I would make afterschool fun for kids, like have art classes. I would ask people to make a statue of me and I would ask a principal from a school to tell the teachers to teach the kids about me!”
Jessica, age 7


“I would let all the people do whatever they want, except dangerous things, like messing up the park or the museum. I would make good playgrounds for kids to play.”
Sophia, age 8


“I would make school rules not to hurt or bully anyone. And I would make freedom, tell people they can be free, except they can’t hurt others.”
Benjamin, age 6


“I would protect animals like endangered species like tigers and pandas.”
Elijah, age 13


“I would give the money to people who don’t have any. Also, I would tell people to not be mean to others. It doesn’t matter who you are. You should not be rude.”
Tatiana, age 8


“I would not solve problems by fighting. I would make speeches to say no fighting, nothing bad, and no shooting. Only peace and love.”
Ziyad, age 10

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