Your Turn: “How do you help the environment?"

IndyKids asked these five-year-olds in Homer, Alaska, how they take care of the Earth.

-Compiled by Lisa Asselin and Natalie Havlin

Elsa Milne“[I] clean up garbage and make sure the water is all clean!” Elsa Milne

Spencer Co“Plant lots of seeds, do not use your car so much, use your bicycle more ’cause your car uses energy.” Spencer Co

Sylvia Clemens“[I] give and save lots of water for the Earth” Sylvia Clemens

Chloe Heilig“Plant flowers and take care of the spring!” Chloe Heilig

Blaise Banks“[I] make more dirt from compost. The dirt helps the trees grow. [I plant] sunflower seeds to [make] more sunflowers.” Blaise Banks

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