Your Turn: How Do You Feel About the Death Penalty?

Interviews conducted by KANONI WILDER, Kid Reporter, age 9

IndyKids asked these kids in Manhattan, New York, how they feel about the death penalty.


I think that nobody should die. The biggest punishment that somebody should have is jail for the rest of their lives until they die naturally.

Janaya Wilder, age 12


I don’t think it’s fair because different people have different opinions on what is a serious crime. Some people would be unfair and prejudiced about it.

Eliya Ahmad, age 10


I think it’s wrong because they might have a family who needs them.

Alexia Almonte, age 11

Robert Ivko

I feel it’s right. If not for the death penalty, people will commit crimes so they have a place to sleep and eat (in prison).

Robert Ivko, age 12

Daniel Ivko

I think the death penalty is good because it might stop people from committing crimes.

Daniel Ivko, age 10

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