Your Own Dixie Dog Puppet


What you need:

  • A straw
  • Two 5 oz Dixie cups
  • Glue
  • Color paper
  • Scissors
  • Two googly eyes
  • Medium size pom pom
  • Dark crayon
  • Tape

1) Cut out funny shaped ears, tail, hair, tongue and legs with the color paper.  Make sure to stay within the size of the cups.

2) Take one cup, glue a pom pom on the top of the solid end for a nose. Add the eyes on the sides behind the pom pom. You now have a face. Paste the ears behind the eye and tongue on the center of the flat side. You can add silly hair to the top buy cutting a small slice in the center and slipping the funny hair through. Just make

sure to add glue underneath to keep it there.

3) Now to the other cup. Glue the four legs on the cup with the smaller solid end of the cup as the front. At the open end, just like you did with the top hair, cut a slit on the back side to add the tail. Cut three tiny holes for the straw as follows: on the cup with the legs punch a hole on the solid end in the center bottom and again directly on center top so the straw goes straight through. The cup with the face should get one hole on the center bottom. Push the straw through and tape the end to the inside of the head to prevent it from coming out.

4) Add any other fun shapes and materials like felt, craft fur or stickers to give your Dixie Dog its unique character!

• • • • •

Submitted by Tim Young of the Puppetry Arts Theatre. For more information on the programs of the Puppetry Arts Theater, go to:

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