Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor, from kids like you

These letters were sent to IndyKids from seventh graders at PS 184 Shuan Wen School in New York, NY

I think food prices should be lower. Many people can’t afford the food. People should protest and save lives.
Jason Zheng

The United States should legalize same-sex marriage and allow same sex couples to have the same rights as married couples because the United States represents a free nation and everyone is created equal.
Stella Chong, Isabella Ong and Tina Wang

We are shocked that there are people with families that have no jobs who live in tents because they are unable to afford mortgage. We feel that there should be a higher chance of people getting jobs so money in the society would be more fair and equal for all people who live in cities.
Michael Lam and Dominique Malnar

It is unfair for the government to spend money on a sports stadium instead of educational purposes, health care or other needs. Why would Washington, D.C., need any more stadiums when there are many other places where people can watch baseball or any other sport?
Anthony Jin, Alex Kan and Pete Coletti

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