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Write for IndyKids!

IndyKids is produced by kids, for kids, and we welcome new writers, story ideas and article submissions from kids age 9-16 worldwide.


First-time writers for IndyKids are highly encouraged to attend a workshop



Join the IndyKids Reporter Collective!


This April, we will be working with a group of students who will work with our editors and mentors to create our summer issue.


What will this entail?

Students who join the IndyKids Reporter Collective should expect to:

  • Work independently on 1-2 articles for our summer issue
  • Attend 3-4 meetings in the month of April to go over their work with a mentor.
  • Answer emails from mentors and/or the IndyKids editor in a timely fashion.

Who should apply?

  • Students who have already done an IndyKids workshop in the past.
  • Students who can attend 3-4 meetings in the month of April.
  • Students who are capable of maintaining email correspondence with their editor.


If you’re interested, apply by filling out the form on this page (to the right).

Include a pitch for a news story you want to write for our summer issue.


What we are looking for:

IndyKids particularly welcomes ideas for articles with perspectives and subjects not often seen in the mainstream media.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • News articles on current events and social justice issues. (250-350 words)
  • News or science brief. (75-150 words)
  • Letters to the Editor.
  • Bilingual essays. First person essays in a language other than English on any topic. We will print this with an English translation. (100-250 words)
  • Book and movie reviews. (200-250 words)
  • Features on kid activism. (200-250 words)
  • Child profiles from around the world
  • Kids’ opinions on a particular issue of importance to them. Please contact IndyKids and we may be able to visit your classroom to interview students on a topic of their interest!
  • Activity, craft project or recipes.
  • Puzzles or games.
  • Graphics, illustrations and photographs.

*Please note – IndyKids does not publish fiction.


IndyKids Audience:

Articles, essays, and letters should be aimed at kids ages 9 to 15.


Our Editing Process:

We believe that revision is important for all writers. When we receive your article, story pitch or draft, we will work with you to refine it, do research, and make any other needed revisions.

IndyKids Writing Programs

Can’t make the workshop but want to be involved? Fill out a Kid Reporter application online.

IndyKids Reporter Collective – Application