Why Not Have a Debate?

By Kellie Gasink

A debate is a discussion of different viewpoints on a particular subject. To have a debate at your school you might:

•    Tell your teacher you’d like to arrange a student debate. Ask him or her for assistance to make the arrangements.

•    Find out if there are any student groups at your school that can help with the debate.

•    Select a debate topic. Pass out reading assignments so that participants can prepare.

•    Let students choose which debate team they want to be on. There can be more than two teams.

•    Decide on a number of minutes for each student to speak and respond.

•    Make announcements, such as over the loud speaker or on a written flyer, so that all students know the date, time and place of the debate.

•    Have an adult facilitate the debate. Each student can speak on the topic and other students may pose questions.

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