Photo courtesy Pacifica Network
Photo courtesy Pacifica Network

1. I was born on May 1, 1919 in Kansas City, Kansas, as the son of a rich attorney.

2. I was sent to Wentworth Military Academy in Lexington, Missouri. I really didn’t like it, but I still completed my first two years of college there.

3. I started to believe in pacifism while studying at Stanford in 1937.

4. Because I refused to fight in World War II, I worked in the Civilian Public Service as a conscientious objector.

5. After working as a Washington D.C. correspondent and newsman, I resigned from my reporting job because I did not want to lie about facts. I moved to Berkeley, California in 1945.

6. I had an idea for a listener-sponsored radio station that did not need the financial support of any government or corporation. Many people did not believe it was possible, but some agreed with my idea.

7. In 1949, I co-founded KPFA, a talk radio and music radio station located in Berkeley, California. KPFA’s goal is to promote cultural diversity and freedom of the press while having an independent funding source.

8. I wanted to support the radio station, KPFA, so I created the Pacifica Foundation. Pacifica Foundation is the world’s oldest listener-supported radio network.

9. Because I believed in freedom of speech, I welcomed people who were against the Korean War to speak on KPFA during the McCarthy era.

10. I died in 1957 while still the head of the Pacifica Foundation.


Pacifism: The opposition to war, militarism or violence.
Conscientious objector: A person who refuses to serve in the military.

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Answer: Lewis Hill