Who Am I? (May/June 2015)


PHOTO: Wikimedia Commons
PHOTO: Wikimedia Commons

  1. I am a second generation Japanese-American who studied journalism in college.
  2. After I graduated from college, I could not find a job in the United States because white Americans did not want to hire me in the late 1930s.
  3. I travelled to Asia to find work and returned to the United States in 1941, just as WWII was starting.
  4. I was sent to Heart Mountain Japanese Internment Camp in 1942 with my wife and son.
  5. To draw attention to our lives and to keep people working together, I helped run the Heart Mountain Sentinel newspaper which covered events that occurred within the internment camps.
  6. After I left the camp, I worked as a reporter and editor for the Denver Post newspaper and wrote several books including Nisei: The Quiet Americans and Out of the Frying Pan: Reflections of a Japanese American.

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ANSWER: Bill Hosokawa

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