Who Am I? (January/February 2015)


PHOTO: Holy Trinity Toronto
PHOTO: Holy Trinity Toronto

  1. I was born September 24, 1925, in Winnipeg, Canada.
  2. My work began as an Anglican parish priest in western Quebec.
  3. In 1954 I moved to Toronto and started working in a cardboard box factory. I believed we should always share the working class’s social struggles, which is why I considered myself to be a “worker-priest.”
  4. I was a strong social justice advocate, peace activist and fought for the rights of refugees. I also campaigned against poverty and homelessness in Canada and abroad.
  5. I was proud to serve as Toronto alderman and Canadian Member of Parliament with the New Democratic Party after campaigning against poverty, homelessness and war.
  6. I participated in protest marches, sit-ins and picket lines and sometimes got arrested.
  7. In the early 1980s I helped put together the Housing Not Hostels Coalition for homeless people.
  8. After my death on April 24, 2014, my son posted a message about my life, describing me as a “Pacifist, socialist, worker-priest, marxist Anglican, trade-unionist, city councillor, member of parliament, civilly disobedient marcher for human rights. Wearer of red shirts, cyclist, paddler of canoes, singer of songs.”

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ANSWER: Dan Heap

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