Photo by Christopher Cornelius/Flickr

Photo by Christopher Cornelius/Flickr

As winter comes, and we are hungry, we want to eat and drink warm things. Hot chocolate is one solution. Hot chocolate began as a drink made by Mayans, originally served cold, spicy and frothy, made with a paste of ground cacao seeds and then mixed with cornmeal, water, chili peppers and more!

As hot cacao spread to Europe, it was drunk only by the upper class as it had to be imported from America. Now, people of all classes can drink hot chocolate to warm themselves and satisfy their hunger.

Ingredients for one serving. If you would like, you can multiply this for more servings:

• 8 ounces of milk (add non-dairy almond or soy milk to make it vegan)
• 1.5 tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa
• 2 teaspoons of sugar, or however much tastes delicious to you
• To make hot chocolate taste even better, add mini-marshmallows. You can also put in a pinch of salt, some spice, a little bit of vanilla extract (added at the last moment), some mint, some honey—whatever suits you!


• Heat the milk in a saucepan.
• Set out a cup with the cocoa. Be sure that it has room for milk.
• Pour a few tablespoons (per serving) of the warm milk from the saucepan into the cup with the cocoa.
• Add the cocoa-milk mixture from the cup into the rest of milk in the saucepan. Also add in some of the sugar, so the hot chocolate is sweet, and also any spices, marshmallows, vanilla extract, mint, honey, and/ or whatever you like to make you hot cocoa unique!
• Stir occasionally and don’t overheat it.
• Pour into a cup and enjoy!