War Games: Should the Military Use Video Games to Recruit?


We are 4th grade students at PS 87 in Manhattan, New York City. In school we discussed how video games were being used by the military to get people to sign up for the military. Here are some of our thoughts on the issue:

Some of us feel that because there is a fierce war going on with Iraq the United States needs a lot more soldiers. To get more soldiers, the military has been using video games to trick people into thinking that war is fun. One person also said that the military is doing the wrong thing because they are trying to change what a person’s heart desires.

We have many feelings about this issue, but many of us feel it is not okay. Using video games to get people to join the military is not okay because it is just a game. The military is using something that is not real life. Some of us also said that the military is using the game to get kids’ attention. This is like brainwashing.

Video games won’t really change people’s minds if you stay aware of everything around you. It might be okay if people decided to join the military if that was their own choice. People should be able to have their own opinions.

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Written by Class 4-314 at PS (Primary School) 87 in Manhattan, New York City.

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