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By Indykids Staff

I’m 11 years old and I’m interested in politics. Most adults don’t want their children to worry about politics. In fact, most adults think that politics won’t interest kids or that they’re just too young. Personally I think that most adults don’t want to educate their child on politics because they think their child might not be able to handle the truth of what is really going on in this world and all the injustice that is taking place.

My view of George Bush is that he is one big liar. But of course that doesn’t mean that other people don’t have different views. I have a friend who is completely fine with George Bush. She is entitled to her opinion and I have nothing against her. But I think you need to speak up and gather all sorts of information so that you can prove your points. Don’t be afraid to discuss your views with people – whether with your family, friends or the public.–AYA ABDELAZIZ

In “Profile of an Iraqi Girl” I learned a girl named Sima Razak wants to come to the U.S. because she’s upset at the war. If I was her, I’d be scared a bomb might hit me. She’s going through a lot. – IESHA THOMAS, AGE 11

I like your articles, but the best was “Learn a Little Arabic.” I mean, how’d you get all those Arabic words? Please tell me! – RICKY SCROGGINS, AGE 13

I read “Recess Out.” I didn’t know British schools have 15 minutes morning and afternoon recess and 80-90 minutes at lunch. Some kids have more recess than others. – DESTINY GONZALEZ, AGE 12

The article “Recess Out” was interesting because everyone loves recess, but not everyone gets the same everywhere. Everyone needs a break. – ALEXUS BARRIERA, AGE 11

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