By Indykids Staff

Violent video games and war toys are on many kids’ wish lists this season. Are violent toys just play? What do you think? Kids from PS 29 in Brooklyn voice their opinions.

“The game takes over. Kids think it’s real life. I don’t think it’s a good idea.” –Toni, Age 10

“Violent video games are all around the world. Kids all over the world will do the actions in the video games.” –Yenesis, Age 10

“No matter how tough a person claims to be, when they see their victim on a hospital bed, they’ll feel guilty. If people could see that, they wouldn’t want to play video games.” –Ari, Age 11

“The game controls the person. It’s like you’re the video game.” –KC, Age 10

“The parent plays a big role. The parent should know if the kid is mature enough.” –Ruben, Age 10

“Kids learn violence from video games. They take it out on others. I know  not to take it out on anyone so I don’t get in trouble.” –Carolyne, Age 10

“Kids aren’t the only ones who get affected by violent games. My dad got mad playing a video game.” –John,
Age 10