By Viviana Nadal-Villano, Age 13

A long and cold night on Lofoten islands, Norway. Photo by Johny Goerend on Unsplash

Paradise in your mind

Your perfect world

A place where light spins and hope dances


But sometimes a touch of reality dims that place

It becomes repressed


A fictitious dream that distracts

Where has the hope gone?

Why does fate seem to wield its blade with such merciless precision?

When you know what they know and 

see what they see

You understand that there is a land

Where the stars refuse to shine and shadows lurk

The hopes and wishes drift away lost to the world

Many are bound by chains they cannot throw

They are forced away from Utopia’s glow.

In the labyrinth of fate 

they wander alone

But we can support

We can help

We can make it so everyone can aspire and dream

Because we all need to have that perfect place

No matter how outlandish or funky

Utopia is our sweet home of mind

Embrace your Utopia

Make it happen 

Never stop believing 

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