Trump Rolls Back Michelle Obama’s Nutrition Guidelines Act

Fatty foods back on the menu. Photo by Wikimedia Commons

By Juan Cortes, age 10

On January 17, 2020, the Trump administration rolled back the standards of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act led by Michelle Obama in 2010. 

New standards proposed by the Agriculture Department will give schools more freedom in what they can serve, instead of having to follow restrictions that require them to serve more costly, nutritious foods like whole grains and vegetables.

According to the the New York Times, many food companies are welcoming the more cost-effective changes, but nutritionists worry about the long-lasting effects on kids’ health, with green vegetables being replaced with potatoes and allowing daily “snacks” like hamburgers and other fatty foods.

2 thoughts on “Trump Rolls Back Michelle Obama’s Nutrition Guidelines Act”

  1. Sergio Luzanilla

    fatty foods should not be on the menu at school may be 1 pizza per 2 weeks and that would be fine but there should be more healthy stuff

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