Great Pacific Garbage Patch by Kevin Krejci Great Pacific Garbage Patch by Kevin Krejci

By Ellinor Iversen, Age 6

The Seabin is a machine which is trying to take trash out of the sea! It was invented by two surfers in Perth, Australia. It works like a vacuum cleaner, but in the sea. This is important because all of the tiny plastics can go into coral reefs or the open ocean. Fish can be hurt by it or eat it, and can get sick or even die.

The Seabin collects some little things like cigarette butts, juice containers and other small plastics, but it can’t clean up all the trash in the ocean. On land, people are still using too much plastic and non-recyclable materials and not always putting their waste in trash cans. When it’s windy, trash is blown into the sea, or after it rains, trash goes into the sea through stormwater drains.