The Power of Animal Companionship can Improve Human Health

By Farzad Wahid , AGE 9

Photo: Blue Bird, Pexels

Do you want to know how animals can improve your mental and physical health? Animals can help people with disabilities, and if someone feels down, animals can cheer them up.

Somee benefits of pet ownership are that they can keep you company, they can decrease the stress you have, improve how you feel, and help with social and emotional skills. Pets can also help decrease how lonely someone feels, help lower blood pressure, help increase feelings of social support, and boost someone’s emotions. According to NIH News in Health, when reading to dogs, children exhibited better cooperating skills than when they read to puppets that looked like dogs.

Pets can help people with certain disabilities, as well. Service dogs are trained to help people with disabilities and perform several tasks for them. Therapy dogs make bonds with human handlers and provide animal-assisted therapy. Service dogs are especially helpful to those with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). PTSD is caused by “experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event,” according to the therapy animal welfare organization Pet Partners. Service dogs are specially trained to effectively reduce the severity of PTSD symptoms because of their bonds with humans. Animal-assisted therapy programs help to decrease stress by decreasing the frequency of nightmares and by increasing one’s ability to cope with flashbacks and anxiety.

Animals can help people with mental and physical health by cheering them up during times of sorrow or assisting them in navigation. Specifically, animals can also play a crucial role by lowering cortisol hormones and providing individuals companionship. These benefits exemplify how positive it can be for people when deciding to adopt a pet. If you’re considering getting a pet and have the time and money, go for it!

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