The EarthWorks Group / Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2009

This book shows you 50 simple things you can do to protect the earth through recycling, using less energy and protecting animals and insects. This book has experiments and activities you can do at home, at school, on the playground or in your own backyard. Each of the fifty things is broken down into questions like “Did you know?” and “What can you do?” as well as activities like “Amaze your friends.”

All these questions and activities will keep you busy and help you understand your world better while helping you minimize your individual impact on the world.

Whether or not this book helps the earth in the long term is questionable. For instance, what about bigger issues like stopping all wars, giving all people health care and the corporations that are exploiting people for profit?

While taking individual responsibility for your actions is a good lesson for kids, the book fails to show how the big offenders get away with their massive for-profit exploitation of people and the earth.

-Review by Pedro Lahoz Wolfe, age 9