The Beneficial BioBus

BioBus, used with permission

By Becca Jene Uss, age 10

BioBus is a moving science lab that is open for schools to expand their learning program of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and educate kids that have limited access to a high-quality science education. 

Typically, the programs have a bus where students can learn interactive science. BioBus programs use research-grade microscopes during afterschool, weekend and summer science explorations. BioBus research scientists lead courses in biological, environmental and material sciences that nurture students’ curiosity and thinking skills over the course of many sessions. During the pandemic, BioBus has been adapting their programs to continue teaching students safely.

BioBus fights the inequalities that exist in the STEM industry by encouraging the scientific education of young girls and people of color to help them become STEM scientists. BioBus aims to enhance women’s advancement in computer sciences and engineering to enable their economic security. According to the National Science Board, 47% of the U.S. workforce are women, but only 28% of workers in the science industry are women, of which only 5% are women of color. This is due to a cycle of women not pursuing careers in STEM because the industries are dominated by white men. Women also have fewer role models in the science world.

BioBus is a great resource for women and people of color. It has many programs that help kids learn and flourish regardless of their finances. It is helping to expose students to a new world, and it is a great opportunity for kids no matter what career path they take.

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