Telehealth: The Virtual Way to Receive Help


Have you ever heard of telehealth? Were you ever sick and didn’t want to get up to go to the doctor’s office? Don’t fear, telehealth lets you talk to your doctor to prescribe you the right medication for your illness. There are several benefits for telehealth. We will inform you about all of the extraordinary benefits and even the disadvantages of telehealth. 

Telehealth helps you talk to your doctor about your medical issues. A telehealth visit can be on a phone call or a video conference. The doctor can give you a virtual physical exam to figure out what’s happening to your body, see what symptoms you have, diagnose you and prescribe you the medicine you need.  

The benefits of telehealth are significant, particularly for those who are very sick. The risks of going outside and potentially infecting others, as well as making one’s illness worse, are high. For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth helped many people who were suffering from COVID-19, and consulting their doctor via a telehealth visit was a much safer alternative. 

According to an Annals of Emergency Medicine study, consulting with your doctor via telehealth provides similar outcomes to in-person visits to the doctor’s office, allowing you to discuss any medical concerns, including other issues with your body and other symptoms you may have.

There are several disadvantages to telehealth if you have a severe illness or a broken limb. Telehealth appointments may advise patients to visit the doctor’s office for further evaluation. During telehealth appointments, the doctors sometimes can only recommend over-the-counter pills, like Tylenol. However, doctors can provide patients with a cast or an air cast if needed.

Telehealth has several advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of telehealth are that if you or a loved one are ill and don’t feel well enough to travel to the doctor’s office and wait to be seen, you can make a telehealth appointment to consult with a doctor and discuss the next steps of your treatment. The disadvantages are that if you are suffering from a broken limb or are undergoing a severe illness that requires in-person treatment, then a telehealth appointment can’t provide the right care.

Telehealth is a good resource, but it isn’t the best solution for everyone because a phone call or virtual meeting can’t help in the same way that an in-person visit can when you’re undergoing a severe illness.    

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