The History of May Day: Remembering the Ones Who Fought for Workers’ Rights

Jesus Hernandez, age 10 May 1 is known as May Day. May Day has two very different meanings: In some places, May Day is a holiday for welcoming the spring; on the other hand, it is recognized as a day for celebrating workers, highlighting the problems that low-waged laborers face as they fight for better …

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Raise the Minimum Wage!

The state of New York is the first to declare a $15 minimum wage for all state employees, and as of January 2016, workers for the City of New York can also look forward to a raised minimum wage of $15-an-hour. While this marks a victory for some, many workers nationwide struggle to earn a living wage.

Movie Review: Inequality for All

In the documentary film, Inequality for All, Robert Reich explores why the United States has so much income inequality, and why the financial gap between the rich and the poor is widening.

Defending Workers' Rights, Wisconsinites Take Over Capitol

About 100,000 people, including many students and teachers, protested at the state capitol in February. They are angry about a bill proposed by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to cut the pay and benefits of workers including teachers, bus driver, garbage collectors and other people who work for towns, cities and the state.

What is a Labor Union?

For hundreds of years, workers have been organizing for better wages and working conditions. Here are some of the activities workers do together through a union to pressure the employer for better wages and conditions.