The School-to-Prison Pipeline: The Criminalization of Kids

By Isabelle Pierre, age 13 and IndyKids staff

Kids face so many challenges while growing up, from concentrating in class to dealing with confusing emotions, bullying from peers and a huge amount of stress. It’s hard to imagine, but for many, these struggles may not just earn you detention, they may result in your arrest and ultimately land you in prison.

Rethinking School Suspension

When children are over-disciplined it has a long-term impact on society and themselves. Students are being excessively punished by suspension and expulsion at ages as early as four or five, and there are harmful consequences.

School in Switzerland

By ELEANOR HEDGES DUROY, age 11 Miriam (Mimi) Borella, a student in the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino in Switzerland. PHOTO: Eleanor Hedges Duroy Have you ever wondered what school is like in other countries? In Switzerland, ninety-five percent of children attend free public school. Each Swiss canton (state) makes independent decisions about curriculum, vacations and …

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The Bullying Effect

Bullying has a huge impact on schools everywhere. According to the National Education Association, bullying impacts approximately 13 million students every year, and around 160,000 students stay home from school because of bullying.

A New Age of Bullying

According to The End To Cyberbullying Organization, “Bullying has been replaced by a 24 hour per day, seven days a week online monster…children, teenagers and even adults that interact via social networking, all have fallen prey to cyberbullying.”