The Insurrection: A Turning Point for the U.S.? 

By Raya ElHajjar, age 13 and IndyKids staff The morning of Jan. 6 began with crowds of Trump supporters flooding Washington, D.C., in anticipation of the then-president’s speech. During the rally, Trump urged his followers to “fight like h***” against what he called a stolen election. At 1:30 p.m., thousands of protesters began to march …

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The Ballot Box and the Mailbox in the Time of COVID-19

IndyKid Journalist, age 12 The coronavirus pandemic has brought new difficulties to the 2020 presidential election due to take place on November 3. Reduced access to polling stations and issues with mail-in ballots could potentially affect the amount of votes for each candidate.  With a decrease in the number of polling stations, people have instead …

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A New President Takes Office

When President Barack Obama was sworn in on January 20, he brought with him a team of top advisers and members of his cabinet to help him as he tries to fulfill his promise of bringing change to the country. Here’s a look at four of the cabinet members joining Obama in Washington, D.C.

Election Round-up

After many years under Republican control, the Democratic Party will now make up the majority of Congress, which means Democrats will be better equipped to challenge Bush’s policies.

Election For Sale!

Candidates who run for federal offices (the Senate, House of Representatives, and President) raise millions of dollars from individuals, organizations, and corporations. How can we make sure our politicians are listening to us — and not just the people who give large campaign donations?