Education Funding

Class of COVID-19: The Pandemic of Missing Students

By Khadija Hasan, age 12 Thousands of students have been missing from school in the United States, attending neither in-person nor online classes, according to ABC News. Students are facing countless issues with their virtual classrooms. Many have been completely absent, while others are falling months behind in their schoolwork. These issues have disproportionately affected …

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The Struggle Over Schools

A new documentary movie, “Waiting for Superman,” released this fall, supports charter schools. The film has sparked more debate about charter schools and how to improve education in the United States.

A Battle for Books

The kids and parent at Whittier School in Chicago don’t have a school library and they believe they should have one. They feel so strongly about it that, on September 15, sat in a small building on school grounds that was supposed to be torn down, and refused to leave.