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Killing Our Climate, One Tweet at a Time

By Nikhil Sabnis, Age 10 After Elon Musk purchased Twitter in October 2022, climate misinformation began spreading like wildfire on the platform–pun intended! Climate misinformation and disinformation create distrust of scientific evidence, confuse the public about the reality of climate change, and create apathy toward climate activism. Musk has fired 4,000 Twitter employees since taking …

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How to Be a Youth Activist

By Isabelle Pierre, age 13 and IndyKids staff

Activism is all about advocating for something you’re passionate about and feel deeply for. Young people in particular have often been at the forefront of movements, because, well, we are the future, and we should have a say in how that future is shaped! 

Will COP27 Finally Give Developing Nations the Climate Justice They Deserve?

By Lucia Mejia Cardenas, age 14

This year’s goals are predictable: mitigation, adaptation, finance and collaboration, according to the official COP27 website. The hope is that by the end of these 12 days, the entire world will have a plan that reduces our carbon emissions, provides protection against a worsening environment and has sufficient funding to achieve this all.

“It’s a Collective Grieving Process”: IndyKids Discusses Overcoming Climate Anxiety with Youth Unstoppable Director, Slater Jewel-Kemker

With youth that are hyperconnected to the internet and media, not only do we feel the impacts of climate change where we live, but we see natural disasters all over the world online. This is bringing to light one of the more unnoticed effects of climate change: anxiety among young people. 

“Climate Arsonist”: How the Trump Administration Impacted the Environment

By Raya El-Hajjar, age 13 “It’ll start getting cooler…you just watch,” President Trump said as he sat in a news briefing in Sacramento, California. It was September 2020, at the height of the California wildfires. A picture of burning trees was displayed on his left. This is one of the most recent examples of the …

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