Someday, you could be a Transit Worker, Just like: Vasily Ivko

By DANIEL IVKO, Kid Reporter, age 10

IndyKids- Nov. Dec. 2011 Issue- Kid Reporter Daniel- SomeDay Interview

There are many ways to be a part of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) workers. There are so many ways that it will not  fit in the whole newspaper. Vasily Ivko is a technician for the MTA.   He helps to fix all of the buses that drive around New York City continuously.

Daniel Ivko: How did you get interested in this job?

Vasily Ivko: Since I was a boy I [enjoyed] fixing things, and doing new projects with my hands. Now as an adult I found out that you could do what you like and this could also improve the lives of other people.

DI: What is the hardest part about this job?

VI: The hardest part is when some new equipment breaks and it is really hard to fix because you didn’t have experience with it yet.

DI: What is the most unique part about this job?

VI: The unique part about this job is that we help move seven million people daily.   It is amazing to know that you actually helped those people that are moving from one place to another. As an immigrant from the Ukraine, in this country, after only four years I was able to start working in this job, which is the most unique part of my career.

DI: Would you recommend this job for other people?

VI: Absolutely, yes!  Especially for people who like to fix stuff and meet new possibilities in America. Also, because this job will give you enough time to spend with your family at home.

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