Someday, you could be a Lead Trainer, just like Jenny Deida


Revolutionary Fitness Lead Trainer, Jenny Deida. PHOTO: Judi Cheng
Revolutionary Fitness Lead Trainer, Jenny Deida. PHOTO: Judi Cheng

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have a job helping others work out and stay healthy? Jenny Deida is a lead trainer and development director at Revolutionary Fitness in the Lower East Side of Manhattan in New York City. She helps people in her community exercise, eat nutritiously and live healthier lives.

Alexia Almonte: How was the organization founded ?

Jenny Deida: A few years ago it was founded when two friends were working out and they figured out that the community needed [an organization like this] because there weren’t many things to help bring awareness to [health] issues. There was also a lack of funding for health services and fitness awareness.

AA: Why do you think that this neighborhood (the Lower East Side) needs this fitness program?

JD: Many people of color in the Lower East Side have limited access to healthy foods or advice about their health. Revolutionary Fitness helps provide that. Our services are donation based or free. Revolutionary Fitness gives to families and helps to show how they can help each other. [Our organization] tries to help them make better decisions about what they eat. It’s true that
healthy foods are more expensive but that’s one big problem that Revolutionary Fitness is trying to help overcome.

AA: How do you think this neighborhood can cause certain issues in a person’s health?

JD: Some kids with weak immune systems get asthma, and other diseases. The Con Edison (ConEd) plant can [contribute to] this sickness. This can be prevented by using greener approaches to providing electricity. Some oils that people use to generate power can also be toxic. They should use renewable energy systems, but only some can afford this. ConEd has the monopoly in the city, so people don’t have a lot of choices.

AA: Do you have any advice for people who want to be healthier?

JD: You can reduce the risks of getting diseases by eating well and working out. You can join a gym, eat more fruits and vegetables, drink more water and fewer juices and sodas. You can use more body movements like walking. You can access our website and try to get in contact with us; we can help you break some habits that are bad for your health. Revolutionary fitness can be reached at

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