Someday, You Could Be A: Cancer Researcher, Just Like Desiree P. Nugent



Everyday, Desiree P. Nugent, a New York City-based scientist, goes to work with the ultimate goal of finding a cure for cancer. Her daily tasks include performing, testing and analyzing experiments to see what types of medicine could be created to treat cancer. She has been involved in the field of cancer research for over 10 years.

IndyKids: How did you get interested in working in cancer research?

Desiree P. Nugent: I got interested in focusing my career on cancer research when I worked at New York University Cancer Institute. My supervisor would always get enthusiastic and energetic when it came to scientific experiments. It was his determination that drove me to contribute my talents to cancer research.

What is the biggest challenge you face in finding a cure for cancer?

I am not sure whether we will ever find a cure for cancer. This is heartbreaking for me. But for certain, we can find ways to improve the lives of cancer patients and make them live longer.

What is the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is interacting with the other scientists I work with. We talk about experiments and figure out what to do next to get great results. This way, I know that there is hope in helping those with cancer.

Any tips for kids who want to do research on finding cures for illnesses/diseases?

If you like solving puzzles, cancer research will be great for you.

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