Science Brief: World Isn’t Meeting Biodiversity Targets

Indian Lake Park, Cross Plains, United States by Dave Hoefler on Unsplash

By Sloan Becker, age 10 

Mother Earth has been losing many of her diverse plants and animals. In 2010 the Convention on Biological Diversity, made up of 150 countries, pledged to complete 20 targets by 2020 in order to help protect Earth’s biodiversity. However, according to a U.N. report, only six of the 20 targets were partially achieved. This means that collectively we are not taking the right steps to save the variety of Earth’s ecosystems.  

Some people say that governments have not put enough effort into prioritizing the biodiversity targets, which include promoting sustainability and safeguarding ecosystems. David Cooper, lead author of the report, told ABC News, “Wealthy countries need to be willing to provide financial or practical support to help other nations.” It is yet to be seen whether the richer countries of the world will step up and help offer support.

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