Samuel’s DIY Food Projects: Regrow!

By IndyKids reporter, Grace Stevens

Samuel’s Food Gardens presents: How to regrow store-bought food at home!

Step 1:

Materials Needed: Repurposed plastic food containers or cups

Fresh vegetables: Green onions are most effective! But you can also start the process of regrowing lettuce, onions and carrots.

Step 2:

Prepare your veggies!

Green onions: Cut around 2-3 inches up from the root of the white core 

Lettuce & onions: Cut the bottom 2-3 inches off from the root

Carrots: Cut 2-3 inches from the top of the carrot

By IndyKids reporter, Grace Stevens

Step 3: 

Place your veggies into the vessels you collected earlier. Make sure they are standing upright. For green onions, lettuce and onions, the root should be at the bottom. Carrots are placed with the top root sticking up.

Then, add enough water so that the base of the vegetable is covered. Don’t submerge them in water though!

Step 4:

Make sure to top up the water to keep it at the same level every day, and clean out your vessel every two days.

[Fun Fact: Instead of throwing away the waste water every two days, you can feed it to some of your house plants! It will be full of delicious nutrients that plants love.]

Once sprouted, green onions and lettuce can be reused for cooking and grown again!

Onions & carrots will sprout and eventually require soil.

Take part in this food sustainability project at home and post your progress to Instagram with the hashtag #IndyKidsInSamsGarden to get featured!

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