Fire from the Rock
By Sharon Draper
Speak, 2008

This is a historical-fiction novel about a 14-year-old African-American growing up in Little Rock, Arkansas, in the 1950s. During that time, schools were segregated between white and Black students, and Sylvia is chosen as one of the students to integrate (mix in with) the all-white Little Rock Central High School. Sylvia has a hard time deciding whether or not to be one of the first to integrate. Her family and friends and the townspeople pull her in different directions, everyone giving their opinion on what she should do.

Sylvia’s experiences of racism are based on true events, which makes the book very emotional. To find out if Sylvia decides to go to Little Rock Central or not you will have to read the book! We highly recommend this book because it is more complicated than most fiction books and highlights the civil rights movement, one of the most important movements of the past century.

By Ryan Gomez & Kayla Robledo, 5th graders at P.S. 34 in Manhattan, New York


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