Reporting for a Reason


By Griffin Epstein

Can a newspaper inspire you to action? The people at Positive News think so. Positive News is an independent newspaper that started in the United Kingdom. IndyKids spoke to Marty Luster of Positive News U.S. about journalism and alternative media. Here’s what he had to say:

What is journalism?

Journalism is the gathering and accurate reporting of information.

Why did Positive News start?

Positive News was started to provide a way that everyday people can share their experiences in dealing with important issues that affect us all.

Is Positive News an “alternative” publication?

It is a clear alternative to mainstream media. We focus on issues of peace, social and economic justice, the environment, sustainability and joy. We address these issues by providing examples of what our readers can do to confront our problems.

You can find out more about Positive News by going to

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