By Indykids Staff

Recycling is a great innovation, but it has drawbacks too. Recycling is good because:

•    It is popular with the public

•    It is better for the environment than burning waste or putting waste in landfills

•    It helps raise public awareness about the environment

But recycling has limitations:

•    Not all of what we turn in for recycling actually gets recycled. As of the year 2000, only 26 percent of glass, 40 percent of paper and just 5 percent of plastics actually got recycled

•    In spite of recycling, even greater amounts of garbage are being burned or put in landfills

•    The process of recycling can produce hazardous waste

•    Recycling may just make people feel better about all we consume

Tons and Tons of Trash

•    The U.S. makes up only less than 5% of the world’s population

•    Trash generated in the U.S. 236 million tons per year, or 30% of the world’s trash

•    Almost a third of that garbage is packaging material

•    The U.S. throws away more trash than any country in the world. Yet we make up a small fraction of the global population.