Quiz: Who Am I?

Photo by Wikimedia Commons, 1983

By Esteban Guerra, age 9

  1. I was born on May 26, 1951, in Los Angeles, California. 
  2. I graduated from Stanford University in California, with a degree in physics. 
  3. In 1978, I was one of six women to work for NASA.
  4. In 1983, I became the first American woman to fly in space.
  5. As the flight engineer on the space shuttle, my mission was to work on the robotic arm. This put two communication satellites into space. 
  6. I served as the Director of the California Space Science Institute.
  7. Later in my life, I became a teacher at the University of California in San Diego.
  8. I came up with the idea for NASA’s EarthKam project. 
  9. In 2003 I was added to the Astronaut Hall of Fame.
  10. My passion was improving education for women and girls to study science and mathematics.
  11. I left this earth on July 23, 2012.







Answer: Sally Ride

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