Pipeline Resistance and Divesting With Organizer Jackie Fielder

IndyKids Climate Crisis Podcast
IndyKids Climate Crisis Podcast
Pipeline Resistance and Divesting With Organizer Jackie Fielder

IndyKids reporters Cayzlen and Maliyah interview activist Jackie Fielder about her experiences organizing against the Dakota Access Pipeline and her role in the divestment movement happening in San Francisco.

Key terms to listen for:

Ancestral territories
Tribal citizen
Renewable energy
Divestment / disinvestment

Discussion Questions:

  1. What led Jackie to become a climate organizer?
  2. Why does Jackie want the city of San Francisco to stop doing business with big banks?
  3. Why are pipelines so dangerous?
  4. What specific kinds of renewable energy does Jackie want to replace fossil fuel power?
  5. What does divestment have to do with civil rights?
  6. Why does Jackie say we need a cultural shift in order to fight climate change?


IndyKids Reporters – Maliyah Ledesma and Cayzlen Rodriguez

Produced by Emily Löwinger, Isis Phillips and Julia Thomas

Edited by Emily Löwinger

Audio Mentor – Julia Thomas

Show Intro Music by Luca Cantagallo

Original Artwork by Cayzlen Rodriguez

Special thanks to Emma Gaffney

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