Fossil Fuels & Climate Disasters With Journalist Antonia Juhasz

IndyKids Climate Crisis Podcast
IndyKids Climate Crisis Podcast
Fossil Fuels & Climate Disasters With Journalist Antonia Juhasz

IndyKids reporters Charlotte and Lucas interview award-winning writer and environmental journalist, Antonia Juhasz, about her path in climate reporting, how she centers activists and impacted people in her coverage, and what gives her hope.

Key terms to listen for:

Solutions journalism
Fenceline communities
Climate disaster
Food and fisheries

Discussion Questions:

  1. How did Antonia start covering the climate crisis?
  2. What is solutions journalism?
  3. Why does Antonia prioritize women⁠— – and women of color specifically⁠— – in her reporting?
  4. What kinds of expertise does Antonia look to highlight in her reporting?
  5. What are some of the challenges Antonia has faced in her journalism career?


IndyKids Reporters – Charlotte Osoria and Lucas Muñoz Jetmore

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