Fighting Fracked Gas in Brooklyn With Activists Pati & Gia Luna

IndyKids Climate Crisis Podcast
IndyKids Climate Crisis Podcast
Fighting Fracked Gas in Brooklyn With Activists Pati & Gia Luna

IndyKids reporters Zahra, Lily, and Gibran interview Pati Rodriguez, a community organizer with Mi Casa Resiste and Frack Outta Brooklyn, and her daughter Gia Luna about their fight against National Grid’s fracked gas pipeline in Brooklyn.

Key terms to listen for:
Fracked gas

Discussion Questions:

  1. What does Pati say about the National Grid-owned North Brooklyn Pipeline?
  2. Why did Pati chain herself to the pipeline?
  3. Describe what Pati says about how her mother influenced her life.
  4. How does Pati explain the connection between the climate crisis and immigration?
  5. What is Gia’s favorite thing about her activism with her mother?
  6. Why is fracking gas illegal in New York State?
  7. What does Pati mean when she says she wants to plant seeds?
  8. What gives Pati and Gia hope?

IndyKids Reporters –
Lily Dribin, Gibran Freilla Williams, and  Zahra Latheef
Produced by Emily Löwinger, Isis Phillips and Julia Thomas
Edited by Emily Löwinger
Audio Mentor – Abē Levine
Additional Script Editing – Zahra Latheef
Show Intro Music by Luca Cantagallo
Additional Music by Emily Löwinger
Original Artwork by Cayzlen Rodriguez
Special thanks to Emma Gaffney

We’d like to thank The New York Community Trust and Wolf Family for their support.