Penguins Make Good People!

By Indykids Staff

Here are a few things moviegoers learned about emperor penguins when they chilled off in theaters this summer at the movie March of the Penguins.

The men do their domestic chores. After the female emperor penguin lays the egg, it’s the male who keeps the egg warm for months.

Penguins share. Emperor penguins huddle together to keep warm through winter storms and below-zero temperatures. Penguins in the middle rotate to the outside to give everyone a chance in the warmest spot. Penguins help stop fights. In the movie, when a baby penguin dies, the mother tries to steal the baby of another
mother. Other penguins intervene to stop the crime.

More on Penguins:

Scientists say that penguins are threatened by global warming caused by humans. When the ice thaws early, penguin chicks die. Less ice also means less food for penguins. They eat krill (like tiny shrimp) and krill live in the ice.

Tango is a young penguin at the Central Park Zoo. She has two dads: Roy and Silo. The couple adopted Tango as depicted in the new children’s book And Tango Makes Three.

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