Paying For Attention


By Abby Gross

EVERY YEAR IN winter, families gather to watch the Super bowl, but not everyone watching is interested in football. In between fumbles and touchdowns, big companies like Frito-Lay, Pepsi and Volvo will pay over $2.5 million for just thirty seconds of commercial airtime.

You may think that these companies are getting ripped off, but in fact, they stand to make a lot more money. The Super bowl is the one television event that is watched in full by about half of all Americans, all at the very same time. This year, according to Nielsen Media Research, 93.2 million people tuned in.

How else do companies get your attention? Billboards and buses are just a few of the places you see advertisements. Can you think of any more places? Can you think of some ways advertisements could be used to help the world?

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