Will Our Future Schools Still Have Teachers?

By Aisha Hassim, age 13 and IndyKids staff

Teacher shortages around the United States have become a worrying trend, and many are not surprised. With a decrease in benefits and an increase in expectations, many teachers are finding that it’s not quite worth it to carry on in the teaching profession.

Monarch Butterflies Are Endangered! How Can We Save Them?

By Mila Dorsey, age 10

Monarch butterflies are now endangered, says the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Scientists predict that monarch butterfly populations have decreased by between 20 to 90% in the last few decades. 

Extreme Weather Ultimatum: Adapt or Get Swallowed Up

By Zahra Latheef, age 12 and IndyKids staff

Summer 2022 was a season of extremes, from Pakistan’s devastating floods to scorching heat waves impacting much of the planet to severe droughts across Europe. Heat waves are getting hotter, droughts are becoming drier, and storms are growing stronger.

Education Roadblocks for Kids With Disabilities

Only a little more than half of New York City students with disabilities graduated high school in 2021, significantly less than the 81% graduation rate citywide. This disparity could be largely attributed to the lack of support students with special needs are given in many schools. 

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